Saturday, June 12, 2004

Ain't life grand

Its weird how we think when we grow up and don't have as many rules, life will be so much more fun. Well it isn't. I mean all through high school I had a midnight curfew, and I remember thinking on numerous occasions that once I'm in university I will be out all night doing exciting things not worrying about curfews, calling the folks, etc. Well, I was out a lot but somehow it wasn't hugely exciting.
But there are other things as well. My parents would always wake me up for school at about 7 in the morning. My first couple weeks at school when I could sleep in as much as wanted, I would always get up at 7 anyway but I'd force myself to lie in bed till about 9 trying to convince myself that I was getting so much rest and having so much fun. Of course its another thing that eventually my schedule changed and now I consider getting up at 11 early.
But I still like growing up. Not because I have less rules now, but because life is just so much more exciting. I can get exciting jobs, go to grad school or law school, travel, buy a car, buy a house, get married, etc. Life is so fabulous right now, I feel like I can do anything with the rest of my life. I really hope I can hang on to this optimism forever.


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