Tuesday, May 17, 2005

All night I'll hunt for you...Let me show you what I mean

So the highlight of my summer so far (BY FAR) has been seeing The Mars Volta perform live. UH and I went down without tickets, and so we got them from a scalper and totally got ripped off. I really don't even want to think about how much we paid, but in the end it was worth it.

I think TMV is being misinterepreted as a punk band, bcuz literally everyone at the show was dressed all punk. I mean weird black clothes, lots of piercings and black eyeliner. And weird hair. I was the only person there dressed in pink...haha. I'm having a lot of difficulty explaining to people what sort of music The Mars Volta play. I went on allmusic.com and they have this "you may also like" section, where on the TMV page they have a bunch of obscure crappy bands, and System of a Down. System of a Down is really really bad, and the rest sucked too. So basically what I want to say is that TMV has a really unique sound, but is certainly not punk or metal. UH and I were talking over lunch this afternoon and we agreed that if ever we met the band one of the things we will ask them is what sort of music they listen to. Anyway I think one of the reasons UH and I have such a strong bond is bcuz we both love the band, which is something that has only intersified since seeing them live. The next morning all I wanted to do was throw some things in my car and head off and follow them on their tour.

Also Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have apparently broken up for good. Preditably they are still vehemently denying the split, but whatever. Her date for some do at the Met was Michael Kors, and she was wearing Kors and looked better than ever. Nick is in Sweden recording his album. Like anyone cares.

In still other news I have this fabulous pair of sunglasses from Chinatown. They are Prada knockoffs and I love them. I think even if I was really rich I'd buy knockoff sunglasses and not the real things. Mainly bcuz they are identical except for the logo, and if youre the sort of person who cares about that, then you should probably not buy the knockoffs. Haha. And seriously, the Chinatown guy probably needs my money a lot more than Miuccia Prada.


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