Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I just hope I don't get the 5am shift the day of

So guess what, people? I have been selected as a volunteer for the 10 KM Run!!! I had totally forgot I signed up to be one (apparently not everyone makes it), but just this morning I got an email saying I was in. The main reason I wanted to be a volunteer was for the free stuff...as volunteers we get a shirt, a pair of shorts, and most importantly a pair of fancy sneakers FOR FREE! Awesome. I really need new sneakers. My guess is they picked me bcuz I wear size 5 shoes, and I'm sure they were inundated with requests from normal foot sized people, so it was easier for me to make it. Who knows. The sad part is even though these sneakers retail for a lot, they cost almost nothing to make. A friend of mine from high school was from Vietnam, and when he came back he bought like 6 pairs of the latest sneakers and he had bought each pair for like 5 Canadian.

Now I just have to work out like crazy so my legs are in good shape for shorts! The stakes are particularly high bcuz all of Toronto will be there to see...haha. So weird, when I was in high school I wore a short skirt everyday and thought nothing of it, and now I'm getting all panicky over this.


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