Sunday, April 24, 2005

My ABCs...idea taken from another blog, but not the answers...haha


Canadian. When I went to visit my best friend over Christmas she commented on my "ridiculous Canadian accent" everyday.

Bra size:

I'm a C cup in a C cup world. Sometimes even a D, depending on where the bra is from. Definitely 34D or 36C if its a LaSenza bra, but I suspect their sizing is totally whack. The short answer is that I am between a 34C and 34D.

Chore I hate:

Cleaning my room, cleaning up after myself. Cleaning generally. I don't mind doing dishes, but maybe thats because I never have to do dishes.

Dad's name:

Can't say for annonymity reasons.

Essential make-up products:

Lip gloss and black eyeliner.

Favorite perfume:

Happy Heart by Clinique
So Pink by Gap
Some Aloe Vera thing by Bath and Body Works

Gold or silver:

I usually only wear silver and lots of it. However being Indian I should state here that Indians are obsessed with Gold and most of us will claim to be "allergic" to any metal that is not 24K Gold.


Annonymity stuff again.

Interesting fact:

I have to have the window open (even if its half an inch) when I sleep, through the year. Rain or shine or snow.

Job title:

I don't have a job.


None right now. I love kids but only in small numbers. I worked at a day camp when I was younger so I speak from experience.

Living arrangements:

I live with the folks Indian style and LOVE IT.

Mom's Birthplace:

Annonymity stuff AGAIN.

Number of apples eaten in the last week:

Zero. Number of apples eaten in past 6 months, also zero.

Overnight hospital stays:



Crippling claustrophobia.

Question I ask myself a lot:

What am I going to do with my life?

Religious affiliation:




Time I wake up:

10am. If its a weekend 11am.

Unnatural hair color:

My hair is its natural colour, which is black.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat:

Brussel srouts.

Worst habit:

I eat a chocolate bar EVERY SINGLE DAY.



Yummy food I make:

I LOVE to cook. I want to go to chef shcool even.

Zodiac sign:

According to the Western Zodiac, Cancer. But according to the Indian system it is Scorpio and my dad (who is an expert) says I am most Scorpio like.


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