Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What does this have to do with my future? Nothing.

I was going to have a really thinky post about the future, but decided not to, because I am so absolutely sick of thinking about the future, getting asked about what I am going to do, who I am going to marry and so on.

So instead I am going to write about some funny things that happened to me when I worked at this day camp a couple summers ago.

- This five year old girl telling me "I don't have to listen to you, my mother pays your salary".

- The little boys all pointing to my boobs and asking me "what they were" in full view of my annoying co-counsellor who then proceeded to call the main asker of that question my boyfriend for the rest of the summer.

- Trying to apply sunscreen to little boys who would ummm, rather just play with themselves. Ewwww. This is why I had wanted to be in charge of a girl group instead, bcuz girls I can deal with it. I was prepared for a bunch of prissy and cuddly girls, not what I got.

- This kid in my group who ran into a wall with his hand stretched out as far as possible. He was running really fast as well, and ended up breaking his arm really badly. Sometimes kids do really stupid things.

lol...oh god it goes on and on. It was a good experience and I enjoyed myself but it really isn't something I could do ever again. I love kids, just not 10 of them together.


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