Sunday, October 31, 2004

The first day of my brand new life begins today tomorrow

Since the whole world is either looking for jobs or applying to a myriad of higher education options, I too am happy to announce that the job hunt has begun in earnest. I am allowing myself one last lazy day (today), but from tomorrow I pledge to spend every minute of mine in a productive manner. Although there is a Bank of Canada job for which applications are due tonight. The rational part of me says my probability of getting it are zero (well probably a small positive number, but not statistically significantly different from zero), but the irrational part of me says I should at least apply, nothing ventured nothing gained, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take etc. So lets see.

In other job-related news (is there any other kind these days) one of my friends has been offered a job with a fancy ass company in London, England. Either Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan or some such. Visions of vists to England, staying in posh apartments somewhere and sipping christal at the Wimbledon are already swimming in my head.


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