Sunday, December 05, 2004

My DonaId Trump Rant

So yeah, the other day I was looking at those million Christmas glossy flyer things and saw an ad for D0nald Trump...The Fragrance. I mean what the hell! The guy is a big enough ego maniacal jerk as it is, but now he thinks people other than him want to smell like him? Unbelievable! And it only costs about 80 dollars an ounce, too.
I hadn't even heard of the man until The Apprentice came out. And no, I don't live under a rock. I love that show, but the worst part about it is Trump's little self-congratulatory speeches in the middle. Very general platitudes like "know your opponent", "never underestimate your enemy". Strictly for those halfwits who deify him and will love him even more for saying crap like that.
Oh, and another thing I really can't stand is him bragging about his buildings. I just want to say that he has the most putrid taste in decorating. Has anyone ever seen his house (well, I haven't either, except on the show)? It is this disgusting abomination with gaudy upholstry, unoriginal knick-knaks, and just allover bad taste...the Pompeii of design.
He's just so full of himself...if I got fired by him, I would definitely give him a piece of my mind. I'm sure the contestants are under contract not to though. And why is winning that show such a big deal anyway? Its not like the winners actually get any respect. If I worked at some top company, and my boss had gotten his job because he won some reality show, I would have not hold him in very high esteem.
And don't even get me started on his strange orange hair.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the Pompeii of design"


1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks BC. I really should edit my posts though...everyone else has such beautiful, flawless entires while mine are rife with mistakes and glaring oversights.


5:32 PM  

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