Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I came, I saw, I hit him right dead in the jaw

Since everyone practically has written about their V-Day plans (or lack thereof), I thought it best to make my feelings on the subject known.

I have seldom been single on V-Day (including this year), but never do anything. I realize its very cliche to hate all the hype and hoopla, but I hate the day because the expectations are soooooooooo high. So its a total non-event as far as I go (and not the type of "non-event" where you claim its a non-event but secretly hope your boyfriend will pull off the most amazing thing ever). I did not even see the boy on the big day.

Oh and in other news, I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. All four of them. My surgery (and yes, it is surgery since I will be under general anesthesia) is going to be particularly grizzly bcuz my bottom wisdom teeth are coming in sideways. Which means they're fully in but on virtue of coming in sideways are buried under a centimeter thick layer of gum. So they're going to have be dug out from under there. Gross. I am fully counting on spending the next 5 days in searing pain and/or a drug induced stupor.

In still other news, I went clubbing over the weekend (twice!), and have some serious stories to tell. The first night I got into a fight. With a boy. Not a catfight, but a full on fight with a huge hulk of a man. I was really riled up and he was too. The only difference was my friends were standing there looking terrified while his friends were cracking up like it was the funniest thing ever. I got a few punches in and then these bouncers came and kicked us all out. Whatever, it was 2 anyway and I was ready to go. So we're escorted out and then these freaks start hitting on us! Sometimes you just never know what will turn someone on. We all ran back to the car (no idea why...perhaps to keep warm) and got BK drive through. About the only time I actually like fast food anymore is post clubbing. A shot of grease when I need it most.


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