Sunday, January 30, 2005

I'll take every rant opportunity I can get

Okay I saw this thing on someone's blog and I'm doing a modified version of it. Basically you take 10 people from your MSN/AIM (for all my American friends)/whatever and tell them what you really think of them.

Person 1) I totally love you. I know we went through a period in our lives when we weren't really friends etc but we endured that and now I feel like I can endure anything. I love that you're so happy with your girlfriend...she really is a sweetheart. You're like the brother I never had and you can always count on me.

Person 2) Seriously, not like I'm the cool police or anything, but people stopped spelling it kewl about 10 years ago. I can tell you're really sweet underneath it all but stop being such a poser. Oh, and I also hate all your friends.

Person 3) You're like the sister I never had! I can't believe we get along as well as we do. You're really sweet but I hate your boyfriend. You really need to cut that loser out of your life.

Person 4) You're nice but nobody is that interested in your life, least of all me. I mean sure if you actually did something other than sit around on your ass eating and drinking maybe I'd be more interested in what you have to say, but you don't and so I'm not. And you wonder why people of the opposite sex don't want you.

Person 5) I know tons of people don't like you etc but I think you're really smart and have a lot of good things to say. Sure that side of you is buried under a pile of annoyingness, but whatever. You'd be surprised at how often I'm about the only person defending you in a gathering.

Person 6) You have absolutely no personality. You are the human equivalent of a J-cloth. And I don't like you...even though you've been labouring under that misapprehension for a while now. I would be really happy if you never spoke to me again.

Person 7) I want to be your friend SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad but I can't. I know you open up to me all the time, and I really love that. But I can't open up in return because thats just not something I do. And I can sense you opening up to me less and less because of that. But yeah, it's all my loss.

Person 8) I wish you would come online more often (or ever!). You're the person I love the most outside of my family and it absolutely kills me that you don't live here. My dream is to hang out in LT's house...just the three of us, forever and ever. No boys...except when we use and abuse them. But whenever we hang out again its like it always was. I really appreciate how you've stood by me through a lot, especially when YP was a real bitch to me. She isn't anymore, and I guess its bcuz we all just grew up. I have become real forgiving lately...weird.

Person 9) I've totally had a crush on you since we first met. My MSN picture is not very representitive of how I really look. Honestly! I don't want you or anything, but it drives me crazy when you're so patronizing whenever you talk to me.

Person 10) You are just the cutest person ever! I seriously want you to come visit me and JI really really soon! Or we'll make the trip down to see you. Either way, its been at least 6 years since we met last! And even then the last time we really hung out was a good 8 years ago. Wearing your watch constantly was one of my most favorite things in the world to do.

How liberating.


Blogger Jenneferre said...

How many of these are people I know? Am I right about number 5? I hope I'm not in there, cause I can't be any of the good ones, and I don't want to be any of the ones on your bad side!

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...'re probably right about 5...I've said too much already.

No man, you're not on there! But this was really fun. I recommend you try it as well.


9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and I took the first 10 people who emailed me from my inbox. I tried to do MSN but my list is full of people I barely know so that didn't quite work out.


9:23 AM  

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