Friday, January 07, 2005

mmmmmmmmmm...crunched up cookie things...

So today I decided to go to the grocery store to buy stuff...bcuz, you know...I'm running low on stuff. Actually its bcuz of this brand new initiative of mine...NO MORE EATING OUT! NO MORE WASTING ALL MY MONEY ON FOOD! Now you may say "but you live at home with your parents, why do you need to eat out anyway?". And to that I say great question, and here is the answer. I am an only child. I am an adult, as are my parents. They're the ones who grocery shop for the house and they buy very adult junk food, no candy, no pop, nothing. In fact they are borderline vegetarians (and I am anything but) and all the food they cook consists of a lot of veggies. And they snack on fruits and rice cakes, for fucks sake. So thats why I need to eat out as far as the content issue goes. The other issue is the scheduling hours are a little bit crazy and I'm out a lot so the whole eating together thing is a little hard to pull off. In conclusion, these are all the reasons I need to eat out a lot.

Now I want to move on to how I manage to spend a lot of money eating out. I never eat breakfast. I know this is really bad but I'd rather sleep an extra 10 minutes than eat. So most days by the time I get to school I am forced to get food, otherwise there is a real danger of me collapsing somewhere from sheer exhaustion. So I get food. And then I usually get a candy bar (or several). And then while studying in Robarts I'll get hungry again and go down to the Starbucks and get coffee (I don't even like coffee but Starbucks is amazing). A recent must-have has been the Eggnog Latte (thanks for the heads up BC). I justify the purchase of several hundred Eggnog Lattes in recent weeks by saying its a seasonal thing and they'll stop making them soon. And while at Starbucks I'll get cookies etc bcuz they all look so darn great. I love their peppermint brownies (again the whole limited time holiday justification). So yes, it goes on like this and by the time I get home I would have spent way too much money on food and related things.

Having recently managed to wean myself off my magazine addiction (the one where you spend a shitload of money on various publications such as Cosmopolitan, In Style, US Weekly, In Touch, People Magazine), I am confident I can do this food thing also. About the magazines, I now just go to Chapters and read all of them and then put them right back. In time, I want to try and put a stop to that as well bcuz my interest in the state of the Lachey-Simpson marriage has been verging on obsessive for a while now. But that would just be too ambitious an undertaking for now.


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