Friday, January 21, 2005

Top 12 things I bet you didn't know about me

1) I don't like to cross the street when that "don't walk" hand starts flashing. Sometimes if I see that the walk sign has been on for a while, I will patiently wait for the next walk sign to cross. Most times I'm crossing I'll run across just so I can finish crossing before that horrible hand thing comes on. And when I do have to cross with the hand I feel really horrible. It keeps eating at me.
2) I'm one of those people who believe amazing things will happen to me without trying. I think one day I'll be doing what I do everyday and this amazing job will fall in my lap without even trying.
3) I am totally fatalistic when it comes to my own life. I firmly believe that all my life decisions have already been made for me. I mean sure I can decide what to have for dinner tonight, but I have very little say over what course my life is going to take. This is why I think something amazing will happen out of the blue...since its already been willed, my efforts (or lack thereof) aren't going to make any difference.
4) Lately I am always happy and bouncy. This guy is my class yesterday asked me if I was excited about the test because I was grinning like a jackass. I said no, I am always this happy. And this is because I have accepted that everything is predetremined, so no point worrying about anything.
5) I only listen to De-Loused in Comatorium by The Mars Volta when I drive. I often have to drive around extra waiting for the particular song or even album to finish.
6) I really want to go on those makeover shows. But I know they're going to tell me stuff to wear to "minimize my hips" and "create the illusion of being thinner with certain colours and cuts and whatnot", and that would drive me loco.
7) People just like talking to me on the subway. Its not always people hitting on me...its mostly old people talking to me. Like this one guy wanted to know what to buy his kids for christmas. And this other guy started talking to me about crosswords. Stuff like that.
8) I love to cook. I have been telling a lot of people I want to become a chef.
9) I love the Simpson family. As in Jessica, Ashlee, Joe and Tina.
10) Even though I might not be a drop dead model type girl all the guys are dying to be with at first blush, I think given some time, I can be. I mean I can charm them with my charmingness.
11) My eyes are ALWAYS red in pictures. I also have the same smile in all my pictures. Like if you take two pictures of mine and put them side by side, my smile will look eerily similar. I think I can contort my face in the exact way in all my pictures.
12) My backpack is my safety blanket. Whenever I go somewhere new having it with me makes me feel a lot better.


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