Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Baltimore Love Thing

So looks like Im getting sucked into going to another formal. The aftermath of the last one was not pretty. It was grotesquely ugly (and I am being charitable here), but looks like I'm going to another one soon. What can I say...I like getting dressed up.

I remember making a list of my idiosyncrasies a while ago and literally 50 times everyday I do something that belongs on that the fact that when I sleep the window has to be open. Even when its 30 below outside. I dont mean WIDE open, but at least an inch. When I sleep with no outside air in a room, I wake up with a huge migraine headache. I'd be interested to do an experiment where I think its open but its really not and see if I still have a headache in the morning. To try to see if this is really just all in my head or if I actually need fresh air. Who knows. Because of this I basically can't use my room all winter bcuz its like a meat locker in there between the months of November and March.


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