Wednesday, March 16, 2005

You make me wanna la la in the kitchen on the floor

I am so relieved my beautiful Bobby Jon did not get voted off Survivor tonight. I think he is so hot, I would crawl from here to freakin China if that would gurantee he wins. Actually I wouldn't, but I will have no reason to watch the show once he's gone.

Now about my previous post. Two of my profs belong on that list, but for legal and other reasons I didn't put their names up. The two would probably replace Ashton and Justin, but I don't know, they might'd be pretty close. Anyway, a clear trend has emerged...I am extremely partial to prematurely grey men and also boys who are very very pretty. The nerd look really does nothing for me. Or faces with character. Character...thats usually a euphemism for ugly.

And finally, I am going to a formal this weekend! We get chicken and veal. Its open bar, which is the only reason I have a reservations about the evening, but other than that it should be a blast.


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