Saturday, April 02, 2005

I really have to kick my magazine habit

I would like to take a moment to comment on Britney's fatness. I'm surprised at how much pleasure her new robust form is giving me (in terms of feeling better about myself, not some sexual fat fetish thing). I mean she basically singlehandedly set the standard for unattainable bodied pop star, and I think her fatness just underscores that looking like that for protracted periods of time is bascially impossible. I was talking to UH about this and he basically said that she was a singer, and noone should care how she looks, but yeah right. Her whole career, which is nothing but a carefully orchastrated exercize in image management, is predicated on how she looks. Not her singing ability. Anyway, I just hope all the anorexic/bulemic/whatever girls out there go eat a couple pizzas or something, because Britney is now fat.

Now I would like to take several moments to asses the state of the Simpson-Lachey union. I really do think they have hit the skids, despite their handlers saying otherwise. There are many many reasons for this, but I think its a combination of Jessica being a total spoilt brat and the fact that she is a superstar, and Nick, is not. Basically Jessica is big, fat, spoilt brat, who really does not seem to care for Nick's welfare. She is very close to her family, and I feel like they are basically running her life. Her dad is obviously in love with her and has always resented Nick's presence. Then there is the whole issue of her being a total superstar and Nick being a nobody. Well, not a nobody, but he has already been as popular as he will ever be, and its all downhill from here. Everyone now knows him only as Mr. Jessica Simpson, and I think this drives him crazy. Also Jessica doesn't really seem to be interested in making things work. I mean when her and Nick went on their second honeymoon to Hawaii, she took her sister and her boyfriend with her!!! How ridiculous is that? The other big problem with Jessica is that she really doesn't put out at all. I think Nick's a little bit frustrated. And now he is acting out, going home with playmates etc, and its a total cry for help.

I really have no idea why I care so much about Jessica and Nick, but I do. I hope they get divorced etc, because he's a wet blanket and she will probably be much better off without him. Sorry Jess, but you will!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's completely Nick's staying with her because it's good for his "career." Acting out is okay because it means more scandal, which means more publicity. What will he do if he's no longer Mr. Jessica Simpson? Nothing, that's what. His entire "comeback" (if you want to call it that) is based on rolling his eyes at Jessica and doing romantic things that she can whine through. It's not like anyone would care if he re-formed 98 Degrees.


12:28 PM  
Blogger - said...

I definitely agree that acting out is good for publicity, but I also think its to get Jessica's attention, who is so blithe most of the time she wouldnt even notice if he took to wearing buckets of chicken on his head or something.

Apparently he has a new MTV reality show called The Nick Lachey project, which shows him recording his second solo album (the first one sank without a trace).

He's such a wet blanket all in all though. And SO cheap. Apparently once he tipped $15 dollars on a $1000 bill. Can you imagine! Thats about 1%. Even normal people are expected to tip a lot more, and he's a celebrity. They are supposed to tip at least 40%.

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Blogger Kevan said...

Great word choice.

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