Friday, May 20, 2005

Yesterday/Today...AKA These Days

Pretty uneventful as usual. Went to the gym and saw evil psycho-bitch from hell OA. She was knocking herself out on the rowing machines and talking to this girl (presumably some shit about me) who was in urgent need of a nose job. Anyway, whatever. Its all in the past. The thing that got to me most was that I couldn't really understand why she started hating me so much all of a sudden. Well of course I have some idea, but me and IU and BI tried for a long time to figure stuff out, but couldn't. Anyway long story short, I know it can be incredibly frustrating to not know why someone starts hating you/giving you the cold shoulder etc, so I intend to rectify the situation within the next day or two. I can't do it today is bcuz I am really busy.

The great denim hunt of '04-'05 continues today and so I expect to spend some fruitless hours at the mall trying on pairs of jeans. I am about this close to giving up and becoming resigned to the fact that I will never find jeans that look good on me. Perhaps I can wear skirts and/or pajamas everyday from now on.

And then I'm going out tonight with my girl EA who is starting work starting next Wednesday and I know I won't see her for the rest of the summer bcuz her work is so busy. So her and I and CL are going out tonight for one last hurrah. Should be good. Between the great denim hunt and going out I also need to work out and meet UH, bcuz I said I would.

Onward and upward!!!


Blogger Jenneferre said...

when are you leaving for the summer and will you come visit me before then? what happened to us? i miss you.

10:17 AM  

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