Thursday, December 29, 2005

'05 recap and the obligatory job rant

So I finally get a whole work off week!!!!!!!! I really really want to get back to my old life (sleeping in, watching hockey, staying up past 10pm, going out on a school night etc) but I'm hesitant to bcuz I know itll all be over in a week anyway. Well less than a week now. Just the thought of work again early next week makes me physically sick. Yeah yeah I know its a troubled economy with a weak recovery and job creation only in low end jobs and I should probably be greatful for what I have, but I'm not. I spend half my time at work wishing they would just fire me already and then that way I can let loose and tell these people exactly what I think of them. I just feel so angry after work everyday, and I finally understand why drunks beat their wives...I long for that kind of primal satisfaction after a hard day at work myself. I'm not trying to say spousal abuse is okay, but just that I can imagine that at some level those actions must provide some sort of fulfillment. Anyway, enough about work. There has to be more to life.

So anyway...the assessment part...

So '05 was not the greatest year. I graduated, which was good and bad, but instead of going over the billion things that went wrong I will try and spin everything in a positive way and list that instead. So here's all the good stuff that happened:

1) Amazing 4th year GPA. But too little, too late.
2) Amazing India trip (is there any other kind?). Family rocked, so did some friends. Others, however, did not. But at the end of the day I'm glad I found out where I stood now and didn't waste any more of my time on something that was never going to materialize anyway. So thats one wild goose chase thats been put to rest. Which is actually very good.
3) I found the perfect shampoo. I have been looking for years and somehow it just found me.
4) Got a decent job. I really don't think I need to expound on this one
5) My mom bought me a super fancy laptop.
6) I got a Tahari suit for like half price. lol...even half price was about 5 times what I'd want to pay for it...but're only young once.

Thats all y'all. Call me if anybody has any good New Years Eve plans in TO, I am still shopping around for what to do. GOOD LUCK to everyone in '06. I'm going to make a seperate '06 post.

Over and out.


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