Monday, October 03, 2005

I also love Bring it On, and its fine straight to video sequel, Bring it on Again

One of my fav movies of recent times has been Mean Girls. To explain why I love it so much, here is a fun amusing excerpt from it.

Karen: You know who's looking fine tonight? Seth Mosakowski.
Gretchen: Okay, you did not just say that.
Karen: What? He's a good kisser.
Gretchen: He's your cousin.
Karen: Yeah, but he's my first cousin.
Gretchen: Right.
Karen: So, you have your cousins, and then you have your first cousins, and then you have your second cousins...
Gretchen: No, honey, uh-uh.
Karen: That's not right, is it?
Gretchen: That is so not right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

#10 is so true.. my friends brother eats like everything n we always get mad cuz he eats all he wants n he aint even fat. lol.. we never understand y..

3:54 PM  

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