Wednesday, July 20, 2005

More amazing facts about me, bcuz I LOVE lists and also bcuz y'all REALLY wanted to know. Also this is totally unedited.

I have the tiniest bladder of anyone I know. This usually isn’t a huge problem on nights of drinking bcuz whatever I can just go to the bathroom and walk back to the table but on nights of clubbing, it’s a total bitch bcuz then ALL my girlfriends need to come with me bcuz I cant go on my own, bcuz if I do then I cant find anyone bcuz its impossible to find people in a club. And then everyone spends half the night looking for me in the club and noone has any fun. Boo small bladders! Plus these days all my going out consists of clubbing so it’s a huge problem. In fact my friends now forbid me from consuming coolers or beer and only let me have shots. But even that they are unhappy with bcuz shots make me loco, so basically I cant really drink when we go out.

I have amazing confidence these days. Im happy with how I look, with my hair, my clothes, everything. I am even happy with how tall I am. Rather, how short I am.

Black is my all time fav clolour for clothes. My real fav colour is pink but since black looks better on me I will usually wear black and accent my outfit with pink. For example my watch is pink, and so is my most worn winter coat. In the summer if Im doing the layering tanks thing then I’ll layer black and pink or whatever.

I am not at all worried about the future. I know I’m constantly telling people around me that Im stressed over stuff but that is just an expression. I am not really stressed about anything

I own two of the most comfortable heels ever made, I think. I can go out dancing in them and be standing for a good 8 hours and my feet are just fine. Its amazing. Its like they are actually sneakers disguised as heels.


Anonymous adit said...

ya tiny bladders suck! i think i have a medium one tho. but going to the bathroom definitely sucks in a club or a bar. i always notice new people when i come back from one. it's weird cuz i don't notice them before i go. and they are always blocking my way... maybe, it was just today but i can swear i have seen this happen numerous times.

9:06 PM  

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