Sunday, July 31, 2005

In other news, my iPod is being a biatch

Went to a very boring party on the weekend. Here in Delhi and possibly other parts of India, parties are only held at "farmhouses" (and I put that in "" bcuz they aren't exactly farms. They are just large houses on the outskirts of the city that are built on agricultural land and are some of the most sought-after real estate in the city). Anyway so we were there, a pool was also there, lots of alcohol, good friends, in short all the requisite ingredients for a great party, but it was not to be. The pool was FILTHY. So naturally none of us wanted to go in. But as the evening progressed and people got drunker, people started getting shoved in the pool clothes and all. There were also photographers from the tabloids and a bunch of us spent the early morning stressing about whether or not we would make it (we did NOT want to). Anyway we didn't so that was good, and expected, of course, bcuz we are all nobodies.

Only a week left in India!!! Another friend is planning on having a party next weekend and I hope to god he doesn't, bcuz I want to go out!!!!!!! Not waste my last going out opportunity hanging out in some godforsaken place somewhere.


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