Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Holding me down, turning me round, filling me up with your rules...

My life is very different now than it has ever been. I make real money (though still not enough to shop at Holts, like I often do...well not so much shopping but trying on clothes and buying some there and just buying the rest on eBay, like normal people...). All the bitchy girls at work actually call each other internally as soon as people walk in, picking their outfits I am guilty of it too, and now I realize why people gossip so much at work...its the only thing that keeps you going.

I can't believe how much time I actually have to spend with these people so that I "fit in". Going for drinks, getting lunch, going to Starbucks with them, so between the 9 hours (minimum) at work, the hour commute each way, and the 3 nights a week going for drinks, I really don't have ANY me time. My biggest indulgence is the 45 minutes I try to spend on msn right before bed.

Anyway I'm not trying to say this is depressing, bcuz its not. I enjoy working where I do, it really is super fun getting dressed up for work, and I have made some good friends. Not the real good kind, like the ones who actually give a shit about you, but whatever, we have fun and its not like I really care about them either so its all good. The best part is the downtown business environment with all the cute boys in suits. Its actually a blast except for all the superficiality, my perverted director who does blow in the bathroom (he really does), the long hours and the fact that I have not gotten a full nights sleep since around November.


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