Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sex and the City movie thoughts

So I saw the movie over the weekend.


Why does Sarah Jessica Parker talk in a baby voice? Who thought it would be a good idea for an adult woman to talk like she is about 7? I mean maybe thats her "normal" voice and its slightly intolerant of me to be hatin like this, but they couldnt find someone to dub her lines for her? Ughhhh. Her clothes were generally fug, and I wasnt feeling the hair most of the time either. The only thing I will give her credit for is her bangin' bod - WOW.

Miranda's wardrobe was my most favourite of anyone in the movie. I think the outfit of hers I liked best was when she and Carrie do their Valentine's day dinner. I loved the necklace and that top very much. Second best was what she wore to meet Steve on the Brooklyn Bridge. Third best was the blue dress she wore to Carrie's public library wedding. Fourth best was what she wore on New Years Eve.

I wish they had taken us on a guided tour of Carrie's apartment after the reno. I really liked what little they showed of it.


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