Monday, December 24, 2007

Gift card nightmare

I dont want this post to become this "oh feel sorry for me I have so much" thing, but I just want to say that gift cards totally suck. Even when they dont expire. I dont have a centrzlied gift card storage system (ie my wallet), simply bcuz I have so many I wouldnt want to carry them all around at all times. And then I'll end up going to a store I have a gift card to and pay with money bcuz I left the damn card at home. Some of the ones Ive collected over the years include Indigo/Chapters, The Source (probably my least fav of the lot. I never ever shop there mostly bcuz its overpriced), The Bay, Winners, H&M, Starbucks, Forever 21, and perhaps the least useful of the lot - a $50 gift cert to Rosewater Supper Club, that cant be used towards liquor. So they can use a lousy $50 cert to force me to buy a $300 dinner.

Most of these I get from my parents, who seem to get them from various people. I am seriously considering selling them on Craigslist slightly discounted, just so I can raise a couple bucks and be rid of them forever.


Blogger Jenneferre said...

I also never carry gift cards around with me, or my wallet would be too fat. Invariably you end up spending the cash, angrily knowing you have the free card at home...

I regift them asap...

5:27 PM  

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