Sunday, December 19, 2004

Isn't she beautiful?...Yeah, but I think she's with that guy...they've been holding hands all night

So my big trip is only 2 days away!!! I'm really excited to finally get away for a bit...get away from about 10 hours of class a week, no part time job, 5 day weekends, lots of clubbing...yeah, I SO need this break.
Actually I'm going to see one of my most favorite people in the whole universe, and she's being so awesome about this whole thing. She's got all these things lined up for us to do.
I really want to avoid taking a cab from the airport to her house though...bcuz its going to come to like 50 US which is way more than I'd like to pay. I'm looking into all these public transit options but I think I'll break down and just get a cab. My suitcase is huge and the idea of hauling it all over Manhattan is really not appealing to me right now. I'm trying to fugure out the whole picture thing and will upload some when I get back. Of course that will compromise the whole annonymity thing I'm trying to keep up. But pictures are just so much fun. Lets see.


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