Friday, November 09, 2007

One of these days I will make a sidebar with all these links, till then, I give you this

I love the internet. I read all of your blogs and I appreciate and thank you all for linking to me. Im going to make a list of other internet websites I visit everyday, and if not everyday then on a very regular basis.

The New York Times: Pretty self explanatory. Excellent news, brilliant features, and the NY Times Magazine is amazing too. I am considering subscribing to the paper edition as it is printed in TO as well, but we already get 3 papers so it might be a little much.

Wikipedia: The greatest resource on the internet. You would think that a public encyclopedia that anyone can edit would be total chaos, but its not. Its brilliant, organized, and has information about everything. I try and read something new on it everyday.

The New Yorker: Very insightful articles. Good writing.

Jezebel: Interesting. I almost like the comments more than the posts themselves.

Post Secret: Amazing.

Astronomy picture of the day: LOVE. I swear, if I could go back again and do university over, I would do a degree in Astronomy.

And lets not forget, the evil, time wasting, stupid making Facebook.


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