Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If there is more to life than pretty clothes and shoes I am yet to find out what it is

A couple days ago I came across the blog on a woman who took pictures and described what she was wearing 5 days a week. I thought it was a cool idea and considered doing it for about 10 minutes and then realized it would involve a lot of work so I decided against it. But because I really want to and because I did indeed have a killer outfit on today, heres what I was wearing:

Black pencil skirt from Club Monaco
White blouse from Mendocino
Black wrap around vest from Sisley
De reguer heels in sky high

There are no pictures because I am in my bum clothes already, but maybe next time.


Blogger Jenneferre said...

this post woulda been really cool if it had a photo attached! lol

10:07 AM  

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