Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh baby when you talk like that, you make a woman go mad...

I went on vacation to India for 5 weeks. And I quit my job. So now I am unemployed, or rather, "exploring my options". I quite enjoy that euphemism, except in my case my options consist of sleeping, watching too much tv, shopping, and eating out. So its a good life, except for the part where I feel guilty all the damn time.

So now I am taking stock of my life, and its not pretty. I can truthfully say my entire tenure as a Bay St suit was a bloody waste of time in that I learnt close to nothing, but I got really good at walking in heels and staying in a pair of towering stillettos for hours on end. And I got good at drinking with my co-workers without acting like a total retard. For those who know anything about me when I am drunk will know that this is a HUGE accomplishment. So not a total loss. But I doubt my boss will give me a good reference so Im pretty much back where I started career wise, but much richer.

Some exciting things are afoot but as usual I will not talk about them till they come through 100%.

I tried to upload some pictures from my trip but the whole file upload things sort of gave up after one so more to come. Im in the middle and thats my mama in the pink sari.


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