Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Forever in debt to my priceless advice

I have some words of wisdom for Prince William. Mostly that he should break up with Kate Middleton. Yes she's a very nice girl and all, but already he is looking hen pecked and domesticated. He has also started looking more and more like Prince Charles, and Harry has definitely overtaken him as the hotter Prince. Of course this cant really be attributed to Kate, but my personal feeling is that her influence is speeding up his ageing process.

In other unsolicited advice, I wish Jennifer Aniston would just go away. She's rich enough, its time to just sit in her house or better still to travel to remote places and serve the less fortunate. Enough with the "pity me, Ive been wronged" routine already.

Please comment with advice YOU would give to celebrities.


Blogger Jenneferre said...

How about:

Whichever Olsen twin it is that insists on dressing like a homeless witch, PLEASE develop some sense of style. Any style.

Lindsay Lohan, ENOUGH WITH THE DRUGS. And then, please go away and never come back.

Victoria Beckham, EAT something. More than fingernails.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate both the Olsen hate I mean I dont think theyre pretty at all and dress weird. But I do appluad the fact that theyre both quite low-key and dont constantly do attention seeking things like Britney or Paris or LL.

Speaking of LL, yeah shes a bit of a train wreck but I love her. I think shes really pretty but needs to clean up her act so she doesnt die by 25.

I truly hate Victoria Beckham. I have noooooo idea what David sees in her. She needs to be force fed a big plate of pasta.


8:41 AM  

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