Monday, September 25, 2006

I wasnt kidding when I said I was making big changes

Recently, Ive started using organic shampoo. Just bcuz Ive realized that our world is so incredibly filled with chemicals. And I know that its not possible to live a chemical free life, but I still would like to minimize them wherever possible.

So one of the easiest things to do was to go organic, for shampoo, at least. And so far Im pretty happy with it except it hardly lathers at all, which is a little difficult to get used to. I mean, how can something clean without lathering? Im not seeing any real difference in my hair either, but at least this is better for my body.

Another product that Im now buying the organic version of is tampons. Bcuz when you think about it, tampons are made with bleached cotton (and cotton like substances), and all these chemicals and bleach leech into the body, which is a very scary thought. So goodbye Tampax Pearl or whatever, and hello organic.

And perhaps the most radical of them all --- Ive given up all lotions, moisturizers, hand creams, body butters, etc. I now use olive oil to moisturize! I just moisturize in the shower, when my pores are open and the oil absorbes really quickly, and I dont look like a greased up wrestler at all. And its great bcuz my skin is never ever dry now.

One of the things I would like to stop using is anti perspirant, bcuz something that stops you from sweating cant possibly be very good for you. So, any suggestions? (and Im not going to consider getting


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