Sunday, September 17, 2006


So Im working. And things are soooooooooooo much better this time round, mostly bcuz I like my job more, and its a better job, and I have to get there a half hour later, so all in all its pretty good. Its a steep learning curve and everyday theres so much to learn it makes my head spin. But Im enjoying it.

And also Im plagued by other what am I doing? Where will I be in 5 yrs? And also other things that I thought were real, but turns out they werent...mostly Im just sick of so many of my friendships falling by the wayside. I also miss being a student, but I think I finally realize that being a student, partying every night, living in res, getting up at noon, not really doing any real work...thats not real life. Thats a fantasy. I guess this is what one calls

In other news, hockey seasons about to start!!!! Im soooo excited! Im not going to kid myself and say this is the yr the Leafs win the cup, but hopefully the new team comes together well. Our new goalie works out, and so does our coach.


Anonymous rachel said...

Hey, look, you updated, whee!

I'm brokeish from moving, and I'm going away this weekend, but we should try to hook up for drinks or stuff sometime. Or shopping. I have a feeling you'd be an excellent shopping buddy. :)

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, we totally should!!! Where do you work??? I work downtown so we'll figure stuff out once you get back or something...Im up for shopping anytime.


12:09 PM  
Blogger Jenneferre said...

update, yay!

i'm a wayside friend =(

glad to hear the new job's working out. real life is kinda sucky, although it has it's pros, ie. not having to go to classes.

i'm not big on hockey... i will mourn the cfl season coming to a close.

miss you

7:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know my entire life has fallen by the wayside...Nesbitt is sucking the life right out of me.

I miss you too, and I hate real life. We could always skip class, and we did, too...all the damn time. Cant skip work.

How can you like cfl over hockey?


7:20 PM  
Blogger Jenneferre said...

um, cause CFL is SOOOOOOOOO much better?? also, probably because i was scarred for life by hockey as a child...

are you coming to my bday next weekend?? i am trying to make it GOOD this year, it sucked last year. if it doesn't work this time, i'm never celebrating my bday again. ha.

coming to TO sometime in the next week or so to visit nina in yorkville, maybe we can meet up??

8:45 AM  

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