Monday, September 18, 2006

Another day another half dollar

People are commenting!!! What alternate universe is this??? Also Adit, where is your comment???

So we have this big boardroom on our floor. Well they have several of those on every floor, but still. And they have tons of meetings there, all with all sorts of awesome catered food. Whenever they end they always send emails out to us telling us to get the food thats left over from the meeting. So in the past couple days, Ive had cinnamon french toast with maple toasted pecans and pears, sausages and other breakfast type things, cookies!!!!!!!!, Moozoo yoghurt (sooooooo good, seriously), all sorts of sandwaitches, wraps, etc...anyway. Theyre heavily subsidizing my gym membership, and now I know why.

Oh and Greys Anatomy's third season starts in like 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait and I really hope Meredith picks Dr McDreamy, bcuz they love each other, and hes just so beautiful. And I hope George and Izzy fall in love and Addison goes away.


Anonymous adit said...

lol here's my comment...

i must admit the bit about subsidizing gym membership was funny!

and that moozoo's actually makes me wanna purchase something called moozoo.

and i'm glad you like work! and now that u're making MAD money...u'll have to take me to sushi on bloor :)

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah lets do SOB!!! Except you always end up bailing on me for your other friends whom you clearly like more...

And Moozoo is amazing. Its so good it tastes like ultra fat artery clogging shit, not yoghurt.

Lets go to SOB on Friday, seriously.

PS Im sure you make more money than


12:35 PM  

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