Thursday, August 24, 2006

You're a sexy guy, I'm a nice girl...Let's turn this dance floor into our own little nasty world

I think Im a very unusual young person bcuz I hardly ever watch movies. I also don't have any posters on my walls. I never have. I think the only time I ever had a poster on my wall was when I was 13 and I had this big crush on Mark Phillipouses and someone gave me his poster and I put it up. Mostly so that the person who gave it to me wouldnt feel bad.

And I never ever go to the movies. Id say in the last yr Ive only seen two films in the theatre, Gangster (Hindi, and only bcuz these people in India forced me to go, which is just as well bcuz I loved it) and The Da Vinci Code (bcuz I loved the book and there was such a buzz surrounding it etc). I think its an attention span thing more than anything else. Every once in a while I'll go to the India video store and get some "must see" movie, and watch it in half hour installments over say a week or so. Plus who has the time to actually go watch a movie anyway.


Blogger Jenneferre said...

My dad used to rent every new release as soon as it came out, and then burn them. So every weekend when I came home from university in 3rd year, I'd have a handful of new ones to bring back with me. I would watch them on my computer while doing homework, or talking on msn, or cleaning, or right before going to bed. I also used to watch them in installments, though. I get bored easily, too. I haven't been to the theatre in so long. I think I mostly go for the popcorn. Buttery goodness.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never get popcorn at the movies...cuz it makes you soooo thirsty and then I have to drink water which makes me go pee and miss like 10 minutes...ahhh problems.


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