Friday, April 06, 2007

A day in the life (of a minion)

So far 2007 has been a total bust. The last half of 2006 wasnt so hot either. Actually pretty much all of 06 sucked but I had the summer off so at least that was something. I had pretty high hopes for 07, because I am 23 and its 07, which are both prime numbers. And I love prime numbers, and 7 and 23 are among my most favorite prime numbers. Now I dont want to go off on a tangent explaining my bizzaro love for prime numbers, so I will just say that Im a little bit surprised that things have been as suck as they have been. The only area of any real progress has been my job, which is a good one. But other than that there is a total feeling of running to stay in the same place and not having made any real progress. I know what I need to do to change things but I am just being lazy. But then I think how I work punishing hours, and do I really want to be studying on my own time on top of that? NO! Unfortunately thats what must be done. Mostly, I am just sick of working so much and running myself ragged making other people rich.

On a happier note its Easter long weekend!!! Not like I celebrate Easter but fuck, its a paid day off work, and I totally celebrated that. By not doing anything and napping from 2 to 6 30. So today I am allowed to take off but I HAVE to study tomorrow.

And finally, GO LEAFS GO! Truth be told I am sick as fuck of the Leafs and their general level of ineptitude, but I still want them to make the playoffs. But we suck, we have no momentum, a goalie whos a piece of shit (sorry Raycroft, but you are no superstar), and one or two slightly above average players among some deeply average players.

All the bullshit aside things are pretty good and Im just dissatisfied enough that its spurring me on. I just had no idea that this is what its like to work all the time and be so busy.


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