Saturday, June 11, 2005

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

Well so I am leaving tomorrow and I haven't packed or cleaned my room. Most people told me all the stuff that I was stressed over doing could be finished in a day. I said no. I guess we'll find out soon enough. It's down to the wire, y'all!

Last couple days have been fabulous! I can't stress this enough. Highlight of the month was definitely seeing Kevan at his show Thursday night. I couldn't stay too long becouse of the whole problem of having to graduate the next day...haha. Graduation was a lot better than I expected. The ceremony itself was surprisingly moving, particularly WC's speech. I suppose it was very cheesy and whatnot but I really liked what she said. FI was fairly insipid for the most part, but I really liked the part at the end where he said that a guage of how good a university is its graduates contributions to the world.

I am still really torn about the fact that I'm graduating etc. I look back on my university experience knowing full well that I did not give it my all. Or even close to my all. This upsets me a great deal but all I can do now is to do the best I can, and not dwell on the past (too much). Like Krishna says in The Gita, all we can control are our own actions, and I want to try and live the best way I can without worrying too much about how stuff turns out.

I was really concerned about the fact that my dress was black but lots of other girls were in black so it was all good. I really really like my dress and want to wear it out again as soon as possible. I told my grandma on the phone that my dress was strapless and she was sufficiently scandalized, because I put straps on it after our conversation. It came with these straps that you could put on it, I didn't make them or anything. It was a great day, maybe a touch too hot if anything. I think its so fitting that my stint at university ended with a Burwash quad lunch, the site of my first brush with Uof?? 4 years ago. I remember eating those same sandwitches with my parents while the good people at Victoria were giving us the hard-sell to give them our money.

I can't believe that its all over, so soon. I am grateful for everything, particularly for meeting UH. He has been so awesome from the very begininng and even though I have no idea how things are going to pan out, I want to say that I will always want him to be around to give me advice, be a good friend, and make sure everything stays kosher.

Okay enough of the melancholy stuff. I am leaving too soon and really there is no time for this sort of talk. I will do my best to blog from India, and I'm pretty sure I'll blog just about as often as I do now. Have a great summer, y'all.


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