Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Love was made for fools like me

I have been obsessed with this song called Kangna by Dr Zues for a year now. Seriously. Its my most listened to song by far on my iPod, mp3 player, the computer, and in the car. I love love love it and can't stop listening to it. Download it, yall!!!

So speaking of things I do often, I think I do laundry everyday. I have a lot of hand wash only clothes and as a compromise I wash them individually in the washing machine. Which results in me doing laundry every single day. I also only line dry ALL my clothes.

I also LOVE Nutella. I have since I was like 7. And recently I was given this amazing thing called Nutella Snack&Drink, which is this nifty little snack that has little breadstick type things, a tub of Nutella to dip them in, and a half a cup of ice tea. I should say at this point that Im a Nutella purist and believe it should be eaten just on its on. Not in bread of with crackers or whatever. And also I hate ice tea and it doesnt really make a lot of sense to pair Nutella and breadsticks and ice tea, but whatever. I am posting pictures of this wondrous product. It was bought in Italy.


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